Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Abusive Truth

Rarely do I have time to open every interesting link that comes through my feeder. It's been my habit for quite sometime to drop worthy bits into a lead folder to look at when I have time.

Saturday before last I sat on the couch, my mission to peruse my lead folder for possibilities. You know... material for blog posts, networking, sharing with friends, a little head wagging and some soap boxing.

What I discovered was a new Facebook trend. One I'm not too happy about. Below are items I brought out of my lead folder that were stashed from Facebook links. When I went to view them I got this response -

The link you are trying to visit has been reported as abusive by Facebook users

I was able to track most of them down via alternative sources. You tell me. Do these "abusive" items have a common denominator?

I couldn't believe it when link after link came up with Facebook's "Sorry" disclaimer! I sent the administrators a message about my discovery and my opinion about what appeared to be targeted anti-christian action.

What's really galling is that there are entire "follower" filled pages (not just links) on Facebook dedicated to the hatred of Christians and Jews that are allowed to flourish. There are several pages dedicated solely to pleading with Facebook to shut down such pages. I am tempted to spell out what some of these pages are titled but I just can't bring myself to give recognition to such trash. Many of them are very expletive and bold in their expressions of hatred towards the Lord Jesus and yet, they remain.

Not sure what to do about all this but I had to get it off my chest. Certainly, we need to be on our knees. The days are growing darker my friends. The truth is uncomfortable but it is far from is life saving. Let your light shine!!!



  1. I have never seen this Lorrie! That's alarming...

  2. I'm just beside myself about it. They weren't links I had posted that FB friends of mine would report.. I hadn't had the chance yet. I am hoping my email to the administrator revealed some type of glitch?! I have not heard back from them. I guess time will tell.

  3. I haven't run into this, but we shouldn't be surprised. That doesn't mean we roll over and play dead, but we shouldn't be surprised. Thanks for the alert on this.

  4. You are right Glynn... shouldn't be surprised. A big part of me knows that and yet I guess I do have a level of surprise about it. It's definitely something new to me on the site.
    I will let some future links sit in my lead file for a week or two and see what occurs.
    If it was some kind of a glitch, it seems it would have happened with other non-christian links I had as well. *shrug*

  5. some people are very busy in their hatred.

    i do not want to be busy in hatred.
    it is a trap.
    a distraction from Love.

    not to worry.

  6. You are so right Nancy and I appreciate your good word on it! It is a distraction. I don't think I will test this out further as I had planned on doing. It is what it is and like you, I do not want to be entangled. I will just crank up my wicks.. shine brighter eh!

  7. Disturbing, but not surprising. I, for one, would be very interested to know how (or if) they respond to your complaint.

    It made for a note-worthy blog post, anyway. I could use some help there, too!

  8. They haven't responded yet Pearl. If they do I will certainly post it! I'm not holding my breath though. Thanks for coming over :-)

  9. yeah, it's is hard to say such, sometimes...
    because some would probably say that if i really cared
    that i would do something about it.
    but, some people are just not who i listen to.
    some people would also say that God doesn't care.
    again...not who i listen to.

  10. *hugs* nance... that's why you're such a sweet neat and wise lady of God's love.