Monday, November 8, 2010

Prayer Journal Project

Do you have a prayer journal? Would you like to have one? If your answer is yes (and I hope it is) then I want to point you to my friend Joli's blog AfterGlow.

Today she starts an instructional series about how to set up your very own prayer journal! She has kept one for a very long time and has created a wonderful method that will ensure us a treasure from the first moment of its making.

I think having the journal in a binder as Joli does is a fabulous idea. I am looking forward to each lesson so that I can get mine all together and start using it.

I think color coding may be involved, not to mention a short list of supplies to get at the local office supply house!!!

I hope you will join me. I'm already charged up after reading the first installment. So many things are included that I hadn't thought of before. Thank you Joli for sharing!



  1. Thanks for directing to her blog Lorrie, I hope she will inspire many with her prayer journal!

  2. Okay... like, WOW! I really want to do this too! She writes beautifully. She really nailed it home for me when she wrote...

    By far, the greatest counsel I ever received when I was a young believer was this... "Preach the Gospel to yourself every day." Why? Because I'm forgetful, easily distracted, and fiercely independent. If I don't look to the Cross each and every morning & receive from my Savior all that He has for me that day, then I will fail in every one of my pursuits because they will be void of God. That's just the truth.

    How true. In fact, I think I may facebook that in my status with a link to her blog. Thanks so much Lorrie for this wonderful find!

  3. Marja ~ Good stuff hu?! I still haven't forgotten about the devotional book you did... I love that idea too :-)

  4. Vee ~ I also really liked those words.. so true. Glad you are inspired too!! :-) Appreciate and relate to what you say...