Saturday, November 6, 2010

Growing Pains

GrowUpDeep is due for a change. Anyone who visits my blog has noticed that there's not much to read lately!

Growing up requires us to change all the time. Consequently, for now, I am learning and trying to put away my "framing square" and have more joy!

What that means for this blog is that I am no longer going to consider it a place for only devotionals and poetry. I'm finding that devotional writing is not necessarily a sustainable passion for me. As for poetry... my own is something I want to be meaningful. It must be inspired which means I'm not going to try and crank one out for the sake of poetry itself.

I thought about shutting GrowUpDeep down and putting up something all new but I've decided against that because I want it to be what it is... growing pains and all. Document the journey.

My natural tendencies are those of the "first-born list-making get-er-done" type. If you are one too then you know, or will know one day what a toll it can take on you. It's not all bad...I'm thankful for those characteristics and have accomplished a lot by way of them. BUT, the key is balance and I need to counter balance by not demanding so much (or actually so little) out of GrowUpDeep.

Anyway, I said all that to say that things may be different around here from now on. I will put up what I want to share with no regard to prior self imposed preconceived requirements. Like the picture, it may be a little more like wild flowers instead of the formal variety. As always, in all things... to God be the glory!

Awww... I like it already :-)



  1. I like it too. :)

  2. listening and following also requires change all the time. and we are changed, no doubt about that.

    sounds like i agree...and i do.

    also, i seem to be doing facebook, but, much less and for different reasons. and twitter seems to be history.

  3. togetherforgood ~ love your blog! Moves along so comfortably. Good stuff.... thanks for visiting me today :-)

  4. nAncY ~ so nice to see your magic in my comment box. You know, as I was writing this post I thought of you all the way through... how you are so spontaneous and fun and transparent. I admire those qualities in you so much. I really want to be more like that.

    It seems lately that I would find neat things and think about putting it on GrowUpDeep and then change my mind because it didn't fit the rules I had set. Bleh!

    I am sure I will still post devotionals and poetry but anything else is a go too!

    I know I've been behind in visiting your place and others lately... I will try and get myself back in the mix! I miss ya.

  5. thanks, Lorrie.
    i also find myself with rules that i have made about things, with out even being aware of making the rule. rules, they just sort of sneek in and take over.

  6. You go girl! Follow those stirrings! Be blessed!

  7. Good on you Lorrie.

    I for one know how you can get stuck by blog rules that you have set for your own blog. There are many times that I have thought about starting a new blog where I can just air my thoughts.

    Take care


  8. Hi Lo! nice blog and deep words ..wisdom galore, am a first born and I know and feel u ;)
    be blessed dear siz!