Monday, September 13, 2010


Grandma says she saw a man with a mustache in her living room Sunday morning. I say she saw an angel. He walked amongst the circle of she and her children as they listened to a preacher on tv. She says a cross was passed to each one in a lighted moment. She wasn't afraid.

that quick
like parted lips
the curtain's edge
lifted from the sill
to speak of change

Don't go...


  1. the curtain's edge lifted...

    oh, I really liked that. Up! Drift.

  2. To speak of change... that's what messengers do. Thanks Lorrie, it is in the air:)

  3. L.L. ~ Hello!! I've been way outa the loop lately so it's a wonderful treat to hear from you. Your comments always bless me :-)

    Marja ~ It certainly is.. and it's always a good reminder that there is much going on that our earth eyes can't see.