Monday, August 2, 2010

Silly Girl

It happens every spring. Baby Robins outgrow their small nests and fall to the ground below. It's a dangerous time for the baby and anyone maliciously or innocently coming near the innocent little life. Mama bird will squawk at and dive-bomb all who approach!

After an intense and brief period of feeding by both mom and dad, the babies are grown enough to fly away. The yard is quiet and safe again.


This year, one of the little ones (affectionately called Robbi) couldn't fly away. She is special in that one of her wings didn't grow out long enough. Her brother (Stubby) was born with the same issue except his feather shortage affects his tail. He can fly, just not very far or high. Still, he can come and go as he pleases.

Robbi is stuck. She has never been out of our back yard. She is by herself much of the time. Strangers come to the feeders and Stubby visits occasionally but she wishes she could fly too.

She has found the highest point in the yard to stand and crane her neck trying to glimpse the other side of the fence that limits her world.

She is spoiled in her little yard. It's full of various plant life for shade and hunting. Dad (my hubby) has equipped her world with low level baths and feeders. He purposely sprinkles the yard to cool it off and inspire bugs to surface. He's trained the dog not to bother her. She's got it pretty good.

The thing is... she doesn't understand all the whys of her world. She wants out of it. She cranes for what she cannot have. If she were to get her way just once... it would be the end for her. She wouldn't make it one day. She would be unprotected with no fence around her and no provision.

Watching her today, I wondered at how much I am like little Robbi. So much of the time I overlook the abundant and marvelous blessings God has placed in my world and life. I focus on what seems to have been denied me. I ask why oh why. I want to see beyond the hedge about me.

As I think of this scenario and of God bringing it to my attention, I am comforted. I can't help but smile and feel His love for me. He is a gentle husband... and I am a silly girl sometimes.