Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Firty Goodness

My sweet little rat terrier knows no bounds. He wants to participate in everything I do. That includes National Poetry Month. So it's with great pleasure that I introduce and welcome Elvis as my guest poet today.

Spring is in the air and that means one of my all time favorite goodies will come buzzin in ... flies! Otherwise affectionately known as firts.

Anticipation has me feeling poetic so I thought I would give a little rhyme a whirl. I hope you like it.

Firty Goodness

There once was a firt that flew
But when that firt fell to the ground
And on his back he spun around

I could not help but come and see
Was this morsel meant just for me?
Shall I put him out of his misery?

I thought I could and knew I should
So out came my tongue for the delicate treat
Green belly, wings and padded feet

Way too yummy to rush or crush
I took it slow between cheek and gum
Sweetly peppered heaven-sent plum

Yum :-)

Photo: Elviswantstogo



  1. I'll add this as a link tomorrow in our National Poetry Month celebration over at TweetSpeak Poetry. It started my day off with a smile.

  2. elvis...
    you're the best

  3. Wow ~ thanks Glynn!! I'm honored.. ehem, I mean Elvis will be honored :-)

  4. nancy, Elvis says YOU can rub his belly anytime!