Monday, March 29, 2010

The First Red

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share this beautiful poem written by my friend Vee. It comforts me to think that wonderful Autumn is safely abiding over at her house while I enjoy Springtime here.

The First Red

What is this I happen to see?

the first leaf which appears to be

turning a colour, the deepest of red

as the night time cools, the heat has fled

This is the first of many to come

the days, they shrink away from the sun

A wave of red that lays on the ground

I just can’t wait for that crunchy sound

the morning it brings a familiar smell

of the cool rich earth of the dew that fell

the sun shines down where the droplets lay

as one season starts, the other goes away

…this is it,

the first of the red

Thanks to Vee for sharing. I hope you will visit her at Living Journey.

Photo: Australia - Red Fall (google re-use)


  1. Thanks for posting my poem Lorrie. I am glad that you like it. I was going to add a photo to my poem but didn't get around to it. Life's busy these days. I hardly get to go online lately.

    Talk soon :)


  2. Vee ~ I too am busy these days. I'm glad you had time to write this gem though. I did take some liberty in adding the photo... I didn't think you'd mind. I hope your Autumn is long and your Winter short... unless that would make my Summer short! Hehehehe, Blessings!

  3. between the two of you...i got to see the poem and the picture. yea!

  4. Hi nAncY! Thanks for coming over and for popping in at Vees place :-) She doesn't post much poetry so it's a real treat when she does!!

  5. Thanks for sharing Lorrie, I love it Vee! I am looking forward to see the red of spring tulips :) I am flying to Holland today!!

  6. Marja ~ I'm ready for Spring too!! I think Autumn is my favorite though... love all the musty aromas :-)
    Enjoy your time in Holland!!

  7. Marja and Nancy... I am so glad you like my poem. I do like to write poetry at times :)

  8. It's such a wonderful reminder of the changes in our lives as the miles float between us. A relative in Argentina is beginning to shudder a bit as he heads towards the cold and I'm enjoying coming Spring and shuddering as I think of the heat coming down the line. How amazing that we live in a culture where all this can be understood both geographically and poetically.