Thursday, January 14, 2010

How I Came to Love Poetry

I think that poetry came to love me.

I came into this world disgruntled at having to be here. I know that sounds weird and I thought it probably was weird until I read Henry Vaughan's poem The Retreat.

I was validated by those fantastic poetic words.

Poetry came to me as a gift. Not a gift in the sense of it being a talent but a gift because it allows me to feel a connection to something I feel painfully separated from. It is personal. It is a relationship and the things that are whispered to me alone...


Glynn of Faith, Fiction, Friends offered the chance to receive a copy of InsideOut: Poems for free, along with a free bottle Sineann 2007 Merlot Hillside to all who would write 100 words or less on either of these themes: “Why poetry matters today,” or “How I came to love poetry.”

Good fun...thanks guys!

Photo is "tree of heaven" (google re-use)



  1. This is a beautiful answer. I can feel it.

  2. Thanks L.L.!! What a wonderful compliment coming from one of my favorite poets :-)

  3. Hhmmm, I honestly think no one can write it like you Lorrie :)

  4. You're sweet Marja. Thank you.

  5. i agree, it is a pretty fine gift, poetry.

  6. nAncY, me thinks poetry loves you too :-)

  7. Beautiful thoughts. It is something that is in you, isn't it? :O)

  8. Destrella - it sure is! Good to have a visit from ya :-)

  9. Nancy - appreciate your stopping in!! Heading to your place now :-)

  10. st. augustine says, "even in childhood was a trace of that mysterious unity from which i was derived."
    your words, " it allows me to feel a connection to something I feel painfully separated from."

    remind me of that, cause me to think of the Mysterious Unity i long for daily...feeling so painfully separated from Him.

    The poem, "the Retreat" is perfect.
    thank you for sharing.