Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nite Nite at Cricket Creek

body against the ground

lying heavy
weary of being flesh

wanting to return

yet breath of life
moving my soul
leaving the dust to sulk
wanders beyond

listening to the wind
stirring chartreuse leaves
high above
on black oak branches

coming then perfume of night
smoky nomadic ribbon
cinching up the day
dunking me into sleep

photo "forest night" (google re-use)



  1. very nice! were you actually lying on the ground when these words were placed upon your heart?

  2. Lovely Lorrie, lovely. And ofcourse I like 'yet breath of life moving my soul' because it describes my latest book!

  3. Sojourner ~ Yes ma'am, on the ground. In a sleeping bag though, not directly on the dirt! I love the outdoors :-)

  4. Marja - cool! I really need to dive into your books!! Thanks for coming over :-) I'm glad you like it...

  5. "cinching up the day"

    I liked that. :)

  6. nAncY and L.L., you two are sweet! Thanks for popping in... you give me the happy heart :-)

  7. Another brilliant poem Lorrie :)
    I always love reading your prose.

  8. Vee ~ *shoulder bump* you're so good to me :-) You always come with a kind and encouraging word. Thank you, I'm glad you like!

  9. This is one of the best poems I've read all year. Gave me goosebumps! I adore being out at night. There's something incredibly transcendental about it. It grounds you so deeply in the moment, and yet it makes you realize how much there is out there beyond yourself.

  10. Wowie ~ Thanks K.M, I'm blessed by your comment :-)