Sunday, October 11, 2009


from young days
long forgotten
arrives the smell
of caterpillars
kept in a jar
with a willow stick
sour dock and
beads of sweat
under a rusty white lid
poked with three holes

the smell is gone
before I am through with it

Photo is "caterpillar" (google re-use)


  1. Hahaha... this winter we captured a few caterpillars. The only puzzling thing was, if we had two in the same container, one would always just disappear. Do they eat each other?

    We were hoping to see one morph, but we weren't so lucky :(

  2. i like those little caterpillars...
    and your poem too!

  3. Vee - That is strange! I never heard of them eating each other. I can't remember if I ever put more than one a jar though... Hmmmm.

    nAncY - I like the little woolly worm ones. There's a portion of the Nature Center we walk that when the sun is beating down always smells like the inside of that jar! I hate to see the cold weather coming in so early :-P I saw a woolly worm the other day and he was very woolly - that is suppose to mean a cold winter ahead!

  4. Hhmm, I have those memories too Lorrie, although I had forgotten them :)

  5. Yea, it seems as if during our "kid-times" is when we had all of the really good and simple moments. Thanks for the memories. Love your "stuff".

  6. Marja - neat how smells bring moments back to us. Thanks for coming over :-)

    Rox - Yes, it seems that the days were longer and simpler back then. Thanks for stopping in and leaving me your sweet comment *hugs*