Friday, August 14, 2009


Holy pages turned
A blade, whet against the soul
Lay quiet - lay still

Photo via morgueFile


  1. Thanks nAncY!! Glad you came over...

  2. Simple. Lovely.

    "whet against the soul" is marvelous

  3. i love haiku - so gentle - so packed full - this one was very soft and powerful.

  4. L.L. and sojourner, you spoil me with your comments. Love to you both :-)

  5. lay quiet. lay still.

    i can hear Him.

  6. Thanks Lorrie for coming over to read my poem, I am glad you enjoy some of my poems!

    I have a couple of questions for you... have you ever had anything published? [because you should seriously consider that!] And do you know of any sites that can help with writing all sorts of poetry writing and styles?

  7. Vee - I've been feeling pretty 'blocked' with my writing lately.. thank you so much for your encouragement!! I've had a few things published via on-line zines but haven't submitted for years now.
    My favorite writing site on the web is This is actually where I got the prompt at for this haiku! It's a writing "community" - bulletin board style. I've been wanting to delve into different styles myself so if I find something neato along those lines specifically I'll pass it along to ya!
    Blessing galore :-)

  8. "Whet against the soul" - wow. Simple and powerful. That one's going to stick with me for a while...

  9. whoa doggies, this is good...