Monday, April 13, 2009


Well I've went and done it! I've burned myself out with too many commitments! It's time for me to break away from almost everything for awhile and come back after a rest for a bit of restocking. I'm tired!

I'll be vacationing in Wyoming for a week soon too so that should help. In any case, I didn't want you all to wonder where I'd flaked off too. I hope to return refreshed and inspired.

Blessings all!!



  1. rest and return refreshed my friend!

  2. I love the look on that little green ship's face.

    Have a wonderful time of refreshment. : )

  3. We all need a break sometimes, don't we? And Wyoming seems like a wonderful place to take one.

  4. i like wyoming, my sister lives there.

    "look before you leap."

    the fox and the goat
    the frogs and the well

  5. Hope you have a wonderful vacation and come back refreshed and inspired!

  6. Been there, done that.... I just came back after a two weeks trip through Europe, no phone, no e-mails, just human contact. it was great!!! Bless you Lorrie, and please come back refreshed and inspired!

  7. Hi Marja! Hope you had a fabulous trip. Thanks for comment. I am feeling much better. I think I'll be back in the saddle in just a couple of weeks. I miss everyone :-D

  8. Look forward to seeing you back ... in the meantime I'll explore your blogspot. :) Come check out mine sometime. Enjoy the clear air of Wyoming.

  9. just came by to say.... hi!

  10. Nancy - Hi, hi, hi! Thanks for coming over and thinking of me. I'm off to Wyoming this Friday and look forward to blogging again right after I return :-D

    Bevy - I am looking forward to that clean air and getting back to work. Thanks for blessing me with a visit and your comments!

  11. Phew... I have just been tooooooo busy to do much at all. Being a Grandmother and all, my daughter lives with me, so with a newborn in the house, I grab internet time when and where I can.

    Can you please keep my daughter in your prayers. She isn't coping very well. Has to have a lot of counselling etc. Things have not been smooth sailing in our home of late.

    Thanks Lorrie, I know you will keep us in your prayers.