Saturday, March 14, 2009


I recently read an article by a popular and respected evangelist who, unburdening himself, gave warning to Americans that we are in eminent danger of a catastrophic event. I've known of this man practically my whole life. He seems very sincere. I hope he is wrong though.

Sunday night, I watched a well-known preacher on TV expound on the tragic error many make by believing in a pre-tribulation rapture. He was very convincing. I really don't know much about him except that some say his doctrine is questionable. I love the worship music in his services. I am always sure of what I believe on this subject until I hear the "other side" give a really good argument. I just want to be ready no matter what!

This morning my local talk-radio guy was going on about having read that evangelicalism will be dead within 10 years. Evidently, the writer of this forecast is well known in his circles. Sadly, I feel that much of it has been dead for a while now.

All the voices today! It makes my head feel like one of those blurry high-speed traffic shots... smears of color and light. Stop!

It makes me want to be sure that I know God's voice all by myself. What if I were without TV, radio, books, my husband, my preacher or your blog. Could I, on my own, with confidence, discern God's voice? I do not want to be deceived!

Just as surely as these thoughts began to play in my mind, I heard this from within:

Be anxious for nothing... I am with you always... trust in Me with all your heart... I'll show you the way... I'll supply all your needs. Fear not.

Wow! You probably recognize bits and pieces of scripture verses in that string of words. That is how it came to my heart though... quick, commanding and comforting; the Shepherd's voice, a familiar staff lifting me out of my dumbness. What a relief.

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. John 10:27

I'm so thankful that He knows us!

Thank you Lord, for your unfathomable love, grace and mercy. Give us an urgency to stockpile your word in our hearts. Give us wisdom.

Picture, Talking Mouths with permission.


  1. I've heard about most of these too, and I, too, hope they're wrong. But it bears mentioning that people have been saying this sort of thing for a long, long time now.

    It's a product of our times, I think. There is so much worry and fear, and people feel as though everything is too big and too overwhelming.

    This country, this world, needs hope now. Comfort. And that's what Christians more than anyone else are prepared to give. Only God can know what His plan is for all of this. It's up to us to trust Him.

    Glad to know I'm not alone in my concerns.

  2. Oh, what a great post Lorrie. I am so sure many people will recognize this! Voices! The media fights for our attention, all the time. I love and praise the Lord for christian media, but my main source of information is and will always be God's Word, that's where my theology comes from! It is Truth with a capital T. Yes, I want to listen to the Shepherd's voice, for he loves me...
    Thanks for a great post lorrie, have a wonderful weekend. Find peace in His presence!

  3. Billy ~ You are so right. Grace abounds more than the darkness! It's a wonderful time to point people to the truth... Jesus!

    Marja, Thanks for coming over! I was hoping someone would comment on the Word :-D If we don't have it hidden in our hearts how will it ever be brought to our minds? Of course, God can reveal and send His Word anytime and in any way He chooses... but, what a joy to feast on it daily!

  4. good post..
    i would write more but...cut finger

  5. praise God for His voice and the connectedness that He weaves through the hearts of His children - this is great and as you say - it confirms that we are hearing the same voice :0)

  6. I have felt this way before, as well, and I agree, His words are powerful... it is so important to have them in our hearts so that they come back to our memories in times like this. We need His truth more than anything in this day and age with all the other influences trying to bombard us from all sides. Great post, Lorrie, Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us.

  7. nAncY ~ ouchie on the finger! Thanks for coming over :-)

    Sojourner ~ Isn't that the neatest thing... that we would post on the same thing at about the same time! I love it :-)

    Katrina ~ His Word is Holy. I don't think we really have much of a concept as to just what that means. I know I don't want to be without it though!

  8. I know many pre-tibbers, pre-wrather's and post-tribbers. All of which love the Lord, there is no doubt.

    One thing we must remember is that sometimes we go through the hard times so that we are refined, as long as we keep our eye fixed on Him and be faithful to the Word of God. Being a Christian does not mean that we will have an easy life, and if in fact we are getting closer to the Lord's coming, I think satan will become pretty active in the world. He knows that his days are short.

    May we all persevere in His Word and remain faithful to it!


  9. Thank you Vee, I always appreciate your input so much! A good word :-)

  10. my finger is better, now onto the next thing, which is putting my blog list back together.

    thanks for writing to me :-)

    love love love

  11. Great post! Isn't it wonderful when we can hear the voice of Truth through Scriptures hidden in our hearts! Oh, how He loves us!

  12. Thank you for sharing your words of inspiration, encouragement and comfort, Lorrie! It's hard to know what to think when we hear different things from those who are supposed to be "authorities" but listening to that still small voice and relying on scripture will reveal the truth.

  13. You are so right Connie ~ thanks for coming over! I need to get over to your place and see what wonderful poetry you've been up to :-)