Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stop and Smell the Haiku

Living a life in balance (or trying to) means that every now and then I must break away from the routine. Give my brain a rest. Fling some Haiku out into the world!

least of all fairies
marionettes of color
givers of delight

emerald glories
until autumn shouts them down
one leaf at a time

licking and flicking
delicious frenzy of flame
smacking black remains

painted geisha face
adorned and for your pleasure
pick me she whispers

cute little tad poles
grow into ribbiting prey
that taste like chicken

ancient earth removes
its velvet hand and rivers
descend with a scream

I hope that you will take time to play today. It's okay. You don't have to explain.


  1. Hey, Lorrie! I loved that! And the photos are great also! Fun! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing these moments of beauty and fun, Lorrie!

  3. Lynn, thanks. I just felt the need for some poetry :-)

  4. Connie, thanks for coming over! It's nice not to be serious all the time (which I tend to do!). I would love to write beautiful spiritual poetry but more times than not mine is just the simple sort. I do enjoy it though :-)

  5. i like the one about the frog

  6. Hi Nancy!! Like you, I needed a little break :-) Hope you're enjoying your blog vacation.. miss you!

  7. My daughter has taught me to be partial to fairies, but that one about Autumn shouting the leaves down is especially wonderful.

  8. Beautiful pictures and I love the words that you use with them.

  9. Hi Marcus! I love seeing which ones people choose as a favorite. I appreciate you stopping over and leaving a word for me :-)

    Rebekah, wish I could take credit for the pictures too.. thanks for commenting!

  10. These are delightful. : )

    I like the one about the leaves being shouted down, the lily one and the sounds in "smacking black."

    Like I said, delightful!

  11. Hello! I just popped over via your comment on L.L.'s blog. I love these haiku's! Especially the one of the stargazer lily and the waterfall! Beautifully written. I have just recently delved into the fun of poem writing... thanks to the inspiration of L.L.

    Love your blog... Have a good evening!

  12. L.L., Thanks so much for commenting. Nice to have you visit. I'm honored :-)

    Katrina, So good of you to come over! I appreciate your wonderful words. L.L.'s place is quite an inspiration. I haven't written much poetry for quite some time until just recently. Her recent challenge got me fired up! I'll be over to see what you are up to now :-)