Thursday, January 29, 2009

If Memories Were Sparrows

I love writing prompts, especially those for poetry. When I came across The Great Poem Caper I couldn't resist throwing mine into the mix. The title was given but the rest was up to our own imagination. Thanks L.L. for the fun!


memories were sparrows

They would flit
in sparks
above our heads
or bounce
as rain
upon the ground

They'd be busy

Singing songs
and eating seeds
or flying
like kites
on waves of heat

Or slowing down

Burrowing deep
into tangled brush
to hide
and huddle against
the blue pursed
lips of winter

memories were sparrows

I think my memories do all these things...

Next day note: All those who participated in "The Caper" have been featured in High Calling Blogs' piece, RAP: Poem Play. What a blessing...Go see!


  1. Wow
    What great imagery
    Your poem made me feel happy.

  2. Debbie, it makes me happy that it made YOU happy! I've enjoyed my poetry break... back to my usual tomorrow though. I've got a blog piece burning a whole in my pocket!

    Blessings to you :-)

  3. "the blue pursed
    lips of winter"

    We don't have that in South Texas. But it is a great line.

  4. Thanks for sharing the special bit of imagery, Lorrie! I can just picture those memories in a beautifully creative way.

  5. Marcus, we're just recovering from an ice storm here in Missouri and all the birdies seemed so cold! That line seemed to be just right :-) Thanks for coming over...

    Connie, you should have entered!! I know you would have written something beautiful :-)

  6. Wow! Thanks for letting us know about the feature on high calling blogs... I would never have known otherwise... how exciting! (smile) I hopped over there just now and I am so impressed with all the wonderful poetry!

    Anyway, I love what you've written here... "flying synchronized like kites"... wonderful words.

  7. Katrina, so glad you enjoyed all the wonderful poetry at HCB. Great community there! Appreciate you coming over. Thanks for your sweet comment :-)

  8. So glad you played along. I too liked "the blue pursed lips of winter". Great image.

  9. Thanks L.L. It was great fun. I love poetry and mine need lots of work.. you're a great teacher! Glad you liked the 'blue lips' :-)