Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Guilties

Some say "guilt is a woman's thing" (guys, stay with me). I am sure there are exceptions but generally speaking, I believe it to be true. Many of us subconsciously attempt to attain "Proverbs 31-hood" in everything we do.

When the holidays role around we really crank up the "to-do" list. We decorate, we shop, we prepare meals, we create ambiance and we handle those unexpected things that pop their wonderful little heads up at the last minute.

These activities are wonderful in and of themselves but when we find ourselves breaking a mist (we ladies don't sweat!), or not meeting each goal to the nth degree, we often feel guilty. We often set ourselves up with unreal expectations of what can and should be done. I'm not going to say what is unreal, we already know don't we? Sometimes we forget because we get caught up in the hype but when we stop (if we stop), rest and regroup we know.

What I am saying is this... knock it off!

To feel guilty because we truly did something wrong (sin) is a blessing. It's the Holy Spirit's way of gently yanking us up for a little one on one. It's God's "rod" and is a comfort to us (Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me). I am grateful for His correction.

Counterfeit guilt is another thing. It's a distortion. It's out of balance. It will steal our joy! Not only that, I believe if practiced long enough could eventually influence our ability to distinguish and perceive the Holy Spirit's voice.

Okay, so now we're feeling guilty for feeling guilty? No way! Let's enjoy each day to the utmost; work hard to meet goals and shop until we drop if we must. But, if that little pang tries to worm its way in, take a moment to see if it's justified. If not... give it the boot!

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face

And the things of earth will grow strangely dim

In the light of His glory and grace.

Song, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus written in 1922 by Helen Lemmel


  1. Very timely and right on. Thanks for the insight.

  2. ahh. take a good look at guilt, good advice.

    really good :-)

  3. Thanks Nancy! The "guilties" are sneaky... I have to keep my dukes up!
    I appreciate your input - blessings to ya :)

  4. Thanks Lorrie for you insight on this, a timely reminder :)

  5. Vee, what a treat to see your comment - thank you!

  6. Here in Texas giving the boot to something has extra meaning - watch out guilt here comes a BIG Texas boot!

  7. Sojourner, I love it! Thank you for coming over and taking the time to comment :-)

  8. Thanks Lorrie, great post again! To be honest with you, I had no clue Christmas was related to stress and guilt until I came to this country :)

  9. Marja, that is very interesting. I wonder why it's an American thing? Commercialism? Hmmmm... thanks for that input!

  10. Wow! I believe you really have something here. Guilt is a great tool used by Satan to make us feel unworthy of living in the name of Jesus Christ. And we as Americans are falling for it.

    It is very important to forgive ourselves of the things God has already forgiven us for, know we are unworthy to be saved, and do as much as possible for God in thanks for His mercy.

  11. Came over from Blogapalooza. Timely message.