Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Christians Drag Feet to Faith Films

When I heard the news that one of my all time favorite Christian novels was to be made into a film I could hardly contain my delight. When the day finally came for it to show in my town I was early to get a good seat. I was very pleased to see that the theater was anticipating large crowds; they had given it one of their largest rooms. Well guess what? Including my husband and myself there were 8 people in attendance!

Pulpits and palms are pounded with the steam of Christian discontent over the films and movies produced by Hollywood. Fervent prayers are sent to heaven with plea after plea for an answer to this ever increasing symptom of society's degradation.

In the mean time, good Christian folks are diligent to screen every movie to ensure freedom from the potential and practically inevitable launching of objectionable material smack into their sanctity.

Then, lo and behold, out of the rot rise champions who have heard the cry and taken up the challenge to produce beautiful, brave, redeeming films. Christians everywhere loosen their grip on brow soaked hankies and inhale the fresh air of victory. They feel good knowing that change is taking place. They tell their friends. They tell their family and co-workers. The one thing they don't do though is buy a ticket. Oh they plan on it. They talk about it and if they get around to it... well guess what? The theater has yanked it for lack of interest!

Christians need to get their bucks out there quick if they want these new champions to continue with the cause. Many theaters don't want to carry Christian films anyway so if there isn't an immediate pay off the film is dumped.

Will Christians seize this opportunity to stand as a force and a voice for more faith based films? If not then let there be no surprise when future discontent is greeted by a big hand covering a big yawn. It is imperative that Christians understand that complacency is the lukewarm water that will flush foot holds right out from under hope.

Screenit is a good secular tool for separating the good movies from the bad. Movie Guide is a great Christian resource for screening movies and documentaries. Christian Film News will keep you posted on new releases.

For this is the will of God, that by doing good you may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men.
1 Peter 2:15

Photograph (Theater Seats at Miletus), courtesy Bibleplaces.com.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boot Bottom View

The World at War was a 26-episode television documentary series about World War II. It was mandatory viewing in our home one year in the 70's. The graphic realities of hatred, persecution and antisemitism that I learned of forevermore engraved my young soul with indignation.

I carry those starving naked victims on my shirt sleeve. The following poem was written for their sake and was originally published March, 2003 in a now defunct e-zine called The Sidewalk's End.

Boot Bottom View

His thick heavy mouth
was chapped from too much licking,
too much savoring in the duties he carried out.
His bottom lip hung open from his face
and held a pool of saliva
that he drank from
just prior to speaking words of

Combat-booted feet that were
removed from Earth's pulse
just for a moment,
or maybe for two,
depending on his mood.
He crossed them on a rich cherry desk
without leaving a scuff.
I could smell the polish.
He admired his reflection.

He passed an expensive cigar under his nose
for long whiffs, he
petted the underside of his chin with its horizontal edge
then wetted one end
with sensual suckling.
He heated it from the flame of a wand
struck slowly from the tip.
Rings of smoke wobbled away

in the still humid air. I sat without moving
yet my blood poured from temples
to heart and back again,
all of it in one place or the other.
My feet stung for the lack of it.
I tried to sing hymns to myself and imagine
a meadow with oaks all around.

But when I noticed his thin slow smile cut across the desk,
into my meadow the hymn screeched to an end
and a hawk lifted from the grove of oaks - it's wings
pushing against my panic to soar away.
Its long and lonesome cry
was the last thing.

To learn more about persecution of Christians around the world please visit the official site of the Voice of The Martyrs. If interested in helping children who suffer the consequences of war, famine and natural disasters please visit World Vision. I am not affiliated with either of these organizations but have come to believe that they are worthy laborers.

But, as for you, brethren, do not grow weary in doing good.
2 Thess. 3:13

Photograph (Holocaust Memorial Sculpture) courtesy of RIPizzo.